The Great British Barbering Academy welcomes four new educators

The Great British Barbering Academy’s stand was brilliantly busy at this year’s Barber UK trade show. As part of the many barbering demonstrations that occupied the stand’s space, the premium education service conducted a series of important interviews as it looked to recruit a fresh batch of Britain’s most capable cutters and shavers.

From a substantial list of talented applicants, the academy is now proud to announce the recruitment of four new educators: Yucel Olmezkaya from Gould Barbers in King’s Lynn, Norfolk; Barri Lazarou from Lazarou Brothers in Birchgrove, Cardiff; Liam Hamilton from Hamilton’s Barbershop in Redruth, Cornwall; and Sean Sweeney from Sweeney’s Barbershop in Dinas Powys, The Vale of Glamorgan.

Yucel Olmezkaya

Yucel only returned to barbering four years ago after taking time out to battle mental illness and depression. “I had a nervous breakdown and went through a phase of feeling suicidal,” he said. “That’s when I decided to return to the barbershop and continue working. I quickly got back into the flow of things and feel that barbering saved my life.” Back on top, the British Master Barber is excited to get stuck into the academy’s bespoke courses in the coming months.

Barri Lazarou

Having been involved in the hair and beauty industry from the age of 12, Barri Lazarou is now a respected resource in the barbering community. With over 20-years of experience, the Master Barber Craftsman was ecstatic to be named as an educator for the GBBA. He said: “My father and his brothers were big advocates on encouraging future talent and worked hard to educate the next generation of barbers. That’s something I’d like to give back to the barbering community too and is one of the reasons the Great British Barbering Academy was so appealing to me.”

Liam Hamilton

Liam owns two barbershops in Cornwall and is the proud founder of the Armour to Barber group, which retrains ex-service personnel and helps them to join the barbering industry. The ex-serviceman and barber of 24-years said: “Barbering is an art that will always be needed no matter where you are on the planet.” With previous teaching experience at Truro College, Liam now works tirelessly to educate apprentices in his own shops and has a close working relationship with Cornwall College. “Joining the GBBA seemed like a natural progression for me. I’m excited to have the opportunity to help others improve on their already successful businesses and enable new barbers to start out in this fantastic career,” he added.

Sean Sweeney

Sean says his barbering career started with a nickname. “All my life people called me Sweeney Todd,” he says. “I started looking into the nickname and became fascinated by barbering.” At the age of 13, the young barbering enthusiast bagged himself a job as a hair sweeper; by the age of 16 he was a fully qualified barber. Today, with more than 20-years of industry experience, the Master Barber says he specialises in “fades, classic and modern styles, patterns, and even long hair” – the latter he tributes to working as a hairdresser in his 20s.

All four barbers impressed the Great British Barbering Academy’s Head Educator Mike Taylor, who said: “I was blown away by the skills, knowledge, and confidence that Yucel, Barri, Liam and Sean demonstrated at Barber UK. They are all a testament to how far barbering has come in the modern era and I am very excited to welcome them into our team.”

Yucel, Barri, Liam and Sean will all be leading bespoke barber training courses within their catchment areas in the coming months. The courses are designed to improve the knowledge, confidence, and essential skills of all participants and are supplied exclusively to the Great British Barbering Academy by premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge.

Courses can be held in the comfort and familiarity of any participant’s barbershop or salon, and are also available in Salon Services stores all over the country.

For more information on the Great British Barbering Academy and all of its new educators, please contact, or call +44 1752 898 191.