Taylor Talks: The importance of using talc in the barbershop

Talc is a must for the barbershop and barbers should be advising their clients to use talc.

Some time ago, there were fears talc could cause cancer and it fell out of favour, which was a real shame. A lot of the newer, good quality talc is made with minerals.

It’s beginning to make a comeback in a big way and that’s great. I have kids and I’ve always chucked talc on their bums to keep them dry, but it has so many more uses.

For the barber, talc is a must.

If there are hairs stuck to the skin after a cut, talc helps dust that hair off and prevents a rash.

talc for men

The barber will also use it on your face if it’s a bit greasy after a shave, to dry it up a bit.

And some barbers, when they are doing line outs, use it as a guide to draw the line with.

Outside the barbershop, talc has many more uses. In my opinion, men need talc and should be using it every day.

We put it on our babies’ bums but men should be using talc on their bits and on their feet every day to keep dry and fresh.

Men who wear shirts can use it under their collar to stop them sweating and getting a rash on their neck.
And men who run and cycle can use talc to stop chafing. The uses for talc are endless.