Taylor Talks: How hair transplants have made me a more confident barber

I suffer with male pattern baldness and started to thin on top at the age of 17.

Earlier in my life it gave me a real complex, especially as a barber working in the professional hair and beauty industry.

I have had two hair transplants in the past: the first was in January 2012 and the second was in May 2015. My first transplant was with Harley Street Hair Clinic, which is the same clinic that Wayne Rooney visited for his transplant.

I definitely think my baldness affected me more than anyone else; no one else really noticed it like I did. Since having my transplants done I look in the mirror and feel more confident and more trustworthy as a barber. It’s really nice to have options when styling my hair and I often receive compliments when people find out I’ve had a transplant.

Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor says having hair transplants has made him a much more confident barber

I decided to participate in the procedure as a sort of industry experiment: It has helped me to understand exactly how hair transplants work and this has provided me with the knowledge to give better advice during consultations with clients that are suffering from baldness. It’s also improved by ability to educate my students and fellow barbers.

In recent years, men have started to take more care of themselves; they use moisturisers and face masks, they have their hair styled and take pride in their appearance, yet I am still sometimes confronted by my decision to have a hair transplant.

50{44647368ea155128d94cd7d0dedf9bedf567023d92af0d66be48457fdba38a27} of Caucasian men suffer with some form of baldness. When I speak to men about my transplants they are very supportive – they seem to understand. But women can often be less understanding and sometimes question why I felt the need to see this through: “Why have you had a hair transplant? You’re a man,” they say.

It’s a stigma that I hope will start to change as the market for male grooming continues to grow.