Get to know the Scotland’s Best Barber 2017 finalists

Ahead of this month’s Scotland’s Best Barber live final, at Scottish Hair and Beauty on April 23, the Great British Barbering Academy has brought together its six finalists for a quick chat! Each finalist was given a maximum of 200 words to tell the barbering world a little more about themselves and why they should be crowned as Scotland’s best. Over to you, finalists:

Vincent Quinn

I started my journey into the hair industry 10-years ago. I began to learn my craft at Vidal Sassoon. Luckily they had a barbering qualification in a time where barbering was bubbling away in the dark ages and technical training of men’s hair was hard to find.

Over the last few years, it’s been amazing to see resurgence among the barbering industry – where a modern take on traditional techniques has reinvented the trade. After working in a few places and building an editorial and fashion portfolio of men’s work, I came to Hard Grind to further develop my skills, especially with their speciality in technical clipper styles.

It means a great deal to make it to through to the Scotland’s Best Barber 2017 live final. These competitions and events are an amazing platform for barbers to express their work and I can’t wait to showcase my hybrid, spicy cutting style on the Great British Barbering Academy stage alongside my fellow barbers.

Alisha Storrie

I got into barbering by chance, but have now found a passion for an industry that I love and have made barbering my career. In 2010, I completed a private barbering course and I now own my own shop.

Like most working in the industry, I have had the pleasure of working from the bottom to the top, and have worked alongside many talented barbers. I picked up a lot of techniques from them that have helped me to become the stylist I am today.

In August 2016, I opened my own salon, Legacy Gents Stylists. This has allowed me to employ four very talented junior stylists that are all learning the trade in the same way I did and are all progressing nicely.

I am very humbled to make it to the Scotland’s Best Barber 2017 live final, it will be a privilege just to take part. However, I will be aiming for first place as I not only want to be a great female barber, I also want to be Scotland’s Best Barber.

Dianne Philbin

I started working as a junior stylist at 16 years old before finishing my level two and three qualifications in hairdressing at college. But I was converted to barbering about three years ago when I came across YouTube videos of Kieron Price and Baldy’s Barbershop. The skill involved in cutting men’s hair inspired me. I’d sit and watch the videos on repeat, before trying the cuts out on my husband and kids.

This is my passion and to be in the final with one of my idols (Vincent from Hard Grind) is mind-blowing. This is just the start for me, I’m a small fish in this industry but I have plans and goals to open my own barbershop and enter more competitions.

Reaching the live final of Scotland’s Best Barber 2017 is the first tick in the box. This is my first competition and it’s given me a great confidence boost already.

Scott Reynolds

From a young age I knew I had an interest in barbering. I used to take my wet-look gel to primary school and do my classmates’ hair just for fun. I had four unconditional offers to university but I knew that it wouldn’t make me happy. I spoke to my local barber, Brian Jobson, about possibly becoming a junior stylist and I have never looked back.

I am type-one diabetic and at my previous job I was very unstable and often ill. Barbering has made me a happier person, but more importantly it’s made me a healthier person. Barbering has helped me to control my diabetes, which in turn has made me and my family much happier.

I’m absolutely thrilled to have made it through to the live final of Scotland’s Best Barber 2017. I can’t wait to show the expert panel of judges why I deserve to be here when I get up on the stage with the other finalists.

Crihan Corneliu

A couple of years ago, I was only cutting hair for my friends, but in 2015 I took the plunge and dedicated myself to the barbering industry. With the help of Josh Lamonaca, Alan Beak, Reece Beak, and other big names from the UK, I have now opened my own shop – Jackie’s Barbershop in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire – at the age of 26 and am finding my way in the barbering world.

I’m really excited to be involved in the live final of Scotland’s Best Barber 2017. I’m confident that 2017 is my year and it will be a pleasure to cut hair alongside the other finalists. I wish them all good luck!

Ethan Stubbs

I got into barbering a little over three and a half years ago after moving to Scotland from Essex. Immediately, I knew that it was the right job for me and it gave me something to pursue. I have always strived to work as hard as possible to be the best I can be. I enjoy the thrill of raising the standards and appreciation of the barbering trade in my local area and recently opened my own shop – Blackout Barbershop.

I believe that Scotland’s Best Barber is a great opportunity for barbers to get their work recognised and appreciated. To be in the final at this early point in my career is overwhelming. I am proud of all my customers for showing their belief and loyalty to get me through to the final. I am now excited to get on stage and demonstrate why I deserve my place alongside some fantastic barbers.