GBBA offers discount to Hair/Barber Council members

To celebrate its launch, the Great British Barbering Academy (GBBA) is offering an exclusive discount to members of the Hair and Barber Councils.

Barbers and hairdressers who are signed up can claim a 10 per cent discount on any GBBA course. The Barber Council, which is part of the Hair Council, was set up in 2014, and is ultimately calling for the industry to be regulated.

A spokesperson for the organisation explained: “Currently registration by hairdressers and barbers is voluntary meaning that, in reality, the industry is unregulated.

“This lack of regulatory protection allows anyone to set themselves up as a hairdresser or barber even if they have no qualifications, experience or training.

“The Barber Council is made up of senior barbers and educators along with representatives from other industry associations, the wholesale trade, manufacturers, journalists and qualification awarding organisations.”

David Hildrew, MD of The Bluebeards Revenge and Bluebeard-in-Chief, said: “The Great British Barbering Academy is all about quality and so it is fitting that we are able to offer this discount to hairdressers and barbers who are state registered.

“It is a reward for course participants who have already proven that they share our passion for high standards.”