Mike Taylor Education’s Introduction to Barbering

Mike Taylor Education's Introduction to Barbering is the perfect course to teach you the basics of barbering and give you a better understanding of how much this historic profession has to offer.

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You can either book this course at a selected Salon Services store (see possible locations and dates below) or at your own barbershop/salon. Please note: Minimum of two persons if booked at barbershop/salon.

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Developed by Mike Taylor Education, the Introduction to Barbering course is the perfect way to teach you the basics of barbering and give you a better understanding of how much this historic profession has to offer.

As this is an introduction, absolutely no barbering or hairdressing experience is required to participate in this course; only a willingness to learn.

The day starts with a simple history lesson and an explanation of the basic rules when cutting men’s hair. Then you are invited to explore the tools of the trade, learn how to hold and palm scissors, cut long and short layers, use clippers, dry men’s hair properly, and more.

This course hosts a maximum of ten participants and guarantees contact time with the course educator. Upon completion, you will be presented with a certificate, a package of The Bluebeards Revenge products, and a complimentary copy of Mike Taylor Education’s Barbering Resource Book.

Equipment will be provided, BUT you will be required to bring your own head block.

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Offer: Receive money back on your Introduction to Barbering course when you sign up to complete NVQ training with Mike Taylor Education.

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Time: 10:00 until 16.00
Cost: £180 per person
Equipment will be provided
You will, however, be required to bring your own head block
Maximum of ten participants per course


Theory of barbering
One length cut
Long layers

Lunch (not included)

Uniform layers
Short graduations
Short graduations with clippers
Flat tops and crew cuts

We will cover

What is barbering, the history of barbering, why barbering
Tools and equipment
Health and safety
Holding and palming scissors
The rules to cutting men’s hair
Short layers
Long layers
Clipper work
Drying men’s hair
Flat tops
Crew cuts
Working with men’s styling & finishing products